Routemex ‘O’ gauge colour lights

Routemex has introduced a new range of ‘O’ gauge colour light signal kits. The range offers two, three and four aspect signals and each kit will build one signal. All parts are included in the kit including three different target

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BLOG: Working signals

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine – HM151, on sale from December 5 2019 – we feature Dapol’s new GWR lower quadrant signals for ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge. Like many I have been keen to get my hands on

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Dapol signals on the home straight

The latest functioning samples of Dapol’s in development GWR ‘OO’ gauge bracket signals together with the GWR ‘O’ gauge round and square post stop signals have been received. Dapol has stated that the GWR versions are currently in production and

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