Heljan reveals new ‘O’ and ‘OO’ models at Warley

Heljan has revealed a collection of new models in its 2020/2021 catalogue at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition. Highlights include brand new models the Collett ‘2251’ 0-6-0 and BR Mk 2/Mk 2a carriages in ‘O’ gauge together with the

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Exclusive ‘O’ gauge 09 for Gaugemaster

Gaugemaster is teaming up with Dapol to develop an exclusive ‘O’ gauge model of British Rail’s (BR) Class 09 diesel shunter. Introduced from the late 1950s/early 1960s, BR’s Class 09 shunters differed from the outwardly similar Class 08 and proved

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Banana van heads Dapol’s latest ‘O’ announcements

Dapol has announced a new model of the 10ton banana van for ‘O’ gauge together with a new batch of 10ft wheelbase wagons and vans and new versions of the LMS ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0T. The new banana van is expected in

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LNER ‘Toad’ vans get colour

Hornby has received the first decorated samples of its new ‘OO’ gauge London North Eastern Railway (LNER) ‘Toad B’ and ‘Toad E’ brake vans. Announced in the 2018 catalogue, four versions will be produced covering LNER and British Railways (BR)

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VIDEO: Darstaed BR Mk 1s for ‘O’ gauge

Darstaed is the latest manufacturer to produce ready-to-run models of the BR Mk 1 carriages for ‘O’ gauge. Read our full review in HM130, on sale from March 8 2018, and watch them running here. To get your copy of

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‘OO’ Beilhack snowplough CADs

The new ‘OO’ gauge model of the Beilback ZZA snowplough, which is being developed exclusively by Hatton’s, has been revealed in CAD drawing form by the Liverpool retailer. The first images show the current status of the project which Hatton’s

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Hatton’s ‘O’ gauge ‘Warwell’ debut

Hatton’s has revealed the first pre-production test sample of its new ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run model of the LMS ‘Warwell’ bogie well wagon. The 7mm scale model is being produced alongside Hatton’s ‘OO’ version of the same prototype and on release

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3D printed ‘O’ gauge ‘A3’

Hatton’s has produced a 3D printed version of its in development model of the Gresley ‘A3’ 4-6-2 for ‘O’ gauge. Representing its version of 60103 Flying Scotsman in BR green with ‘German’ smoke deflectors (Cat No. H7-A3-007) the test sample

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Hornby shows new ‘8F’ and ‘4MT’ samples

Hornby has revealed pre-production samples of its new versions of the Stanier ‘8F’ 2-8-0 and BR ‘4MT’ 4-6-0 which are being reintroduced to its range in 2017. The ‘8F’ is gaining a tender mounted 8-pin decoder socket – previous versions

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Kernow evaluates ‘OO’ Bulleid diesel

Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) has received the first engineering prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming exclusive ‘OO’ gauge Bulleid 1-Co-Co-1 diesel locomotive for evaluation. First announced in 2010, tooling of the model commenced earlier this year following completion of

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