Bachmann reveals first 2020 product announcements


The first of Bachmann’s product announcements for 2020 took place on February 4/5 with the manufacturer revealing a collection of new ‘OO’ gauge models for release through February-April.

The manufacturer has changed its routine for product announcements and will now be offering quarterly listings conveying new items for its collections. The February launch also saw confirmation of the delivery timescale for a number of its previously announced models which are scheduled to arrive during the same period.

Top of the list for the new products are SECR ‘C’ 0-6-0 1573 in Southern Railway lined black together with Class 37/7 37800 Cassiopeia in Europhoenix striking colour scheme for ‘OO’ gauge. Joining them is a new trio of SECR ‘Birdcage’ stock in SECR Dark Lake livery together with three 35/41ton bulk grain wagons in BR bauxite, Grainflow green and BRT blue livery and a pair of GWR ‘Toad’ brake vans in GWR and BR grey.

Expanding the Scenecraft range for this quarter is the return of its highly popular Bluebell Railway building collection. The buildings are based on those at Sheffield Park and cover the booking office, canopy, waiting room and toilet, and office and store. The tooling has been amended for these models and the canopy now features injection moulded parts instead of resin for finer detail. The full set will be released in both crimson and cream and green and cream colour schemes.

At the launch Bachmann confirmed the release dates for its Class 159 DMU as March 2020 while the Class 24/1 in BR green with small yellow warning panels and BR blue will also arrive in the same month. The first versions of the long-awaited Class 117 and Class 121 DMUs are expected in April with BR green and BR blue and grey versions due to arrive first on the 117. Other highlights for this quarter in ‘OO’ include the arrival of a pair of ‘Dukedog’ 4-4-0s in GWR and BR liveries from the 2019 catalogue together with a pair of ‘D11/1’ 4-4-0 in GCR and BR lined colour schemes.

Graham Farish ‘N’ gauge is to benefit from the arrival of the modified Class 70 in Freightliner and Colas Rail liveries together with the return of the BR ‘3MT’ 2-6-2T while its all-new Thompson carriages are set to debut in April with the arrival of the First and Composite vehicles arriving in LNER faux teak and BR crimson and cream.

Scenecraft sees delivery of a number of low relief buildings across ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge as well as a tent, bus stop and industrial tanks.

The full list of new arrivals follows. Look out for more on Bachmann, Woodland Scenics and Proses new products in the April issue of Hornby Magazine – on sale March 5 2020.


Bachmann new announcements – spring 2020

‘OO’ gauge locomotives and rolling stock

SECR ‘C’ 0-6-0 1573, Southern Railway lined black (Cat No. 31-464A – £199.95)

Class 37/7 37800 Cassiopeia, Europhoenix colours (Cat No. 32-393A – £179.95)

Class 37/7 37800 Cassiopeia, Europhoenix colours (Cat No. 32-393ASF – £269.95)

SECR 60ft ‘Birdcage’ Brake Composite Lavatory, SECR Dark Lake (Cat No. 39-600A – £84.95)

SECR 60ft ‘Birdcage’ Composite Lavatory, SECR Dark Lake (Cat No. 39-610A – £84.95)

SECR 60ft ‘Birdcage’ Brake Third, SECR Dark Lake (Cat No. 39-620A – £84.95)

BR 35ton bulk grain hopper, BR freight brown, weathered (Cat No. 33-131 – £31.95)

BR 41ton bulk grain hopper, Grainflow green, weathered (Cat No. 33-132 – £34.95)

BR 35ton bulk alumina hopper, BRT blue, weathered (Cat No. 33-133 – £31.95)

GWR 20ton ‘Toad’ brake van, GWR grey (Cat No. 33-300H – £20.95)

GWR 20ton ‘Toad’ brake van, BR grey, weathered (Cat No. 33-308A – £22.95)


Scenecraft buildings

Bluebell booking office, crimson and cream (Cat No. 44-088C – £99.95)

Bluebell station canopy, crimson and cream (Cat No. 44-089C – £57.95)

Bluebell waiting room and toilet, crimson and cream (Cat No. 44-090C – £89.95)

Bluebell office and store room, crimson and cream (Cat No. 44-091C – £59.95)

Bluebell booking office, green and cream (Cat No. 44-088G – £99.95)

Bluebell station canopy, green and cream (Cat No. 44-089G – £57.95)

Bluebell waiting room and toilet, green and cream (Cat No. 44-090G – £89.95)

Bluebell office and store room, green and cream (Cat No. 44-091G – £59.95)

Corrugated metal shed (Cat No. 44-558 – £10.95)

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