Six-wheel full brakes for ‘OO’


Following customer demand, Hatton’s has added a six-wheel full brake to its Project Genesis four and six-wheel carriage range for ‘OO’ gauge.

Full brakes were used for transport of parcels, luggage and goods as part of passenger formations. In later life, some were retained as stores and tool vans. The price per coach is £30 unlit and£36 for lit versions.

Great Northern Railway teak liveried full brake artwork.

South Eastern and Chatham Railway six-wheel full brake artwork.

Southern Railway olive green full brake artwork.

Hatton’s first batch of six-wheel full brakes will be available in Great Western, Great Northern, London North Western, South Eastern and Chatham, London Midland and Scottish, London North Eastern and Southern railway colours. There will also be available a BR breakdown train red van.

Six-wheel full brake in BR breakdown train red.

Six-wheel full brake in BR black for the second batch.

Six-wheel full brake tool van in BR olive green for the second batch.

The second batch will contain Great Eastern, Lancashire and Yorkshire, Midland and London South Western railway full brakes together with BR crimson, National Coal Board blue, Great Central grey, BR black and BR olive green versions.

On the carriage collection, London, Brighton and South Coast Railway livery has been added to the second batch with a choice of four and six-wheel coaches.

Visit to see the full range.

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