Hatton’s shows final teaks

Photo: Hatton's Gresley teak Brake Composite Corridor for 'O' gauge in BR maroon.


Hatton’s has received the final pre-production samples of it’s new ‘O’ gauge Gresley teak corridor stock which is due to be released later this year. The new samples cover the BR carmine and cream and BR lined maroon versions of the vehicles with factory decoration.

Hatton’s Tourist Third Open in BR carmine and cream.

Hatton’s ‘O’ gauge Gresley Third Corridor in BR maroon.

Hatton’s is producing both numbered and unnumbered versions of each coach with the range comprising the Brake Corridor Composite, Tourist Third Open and Third Corridor.

The specification for the Gresley teaks including working screw link couplings and dummy buckeyes, turned metal wheels, sprung buffers and the ability to run on second-radius ‘O’ gauge curves.

The price per coach is set at £249. Visit www.hattons.co.uk for more information.

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