Banana van heads Dapol’s latest ‘O’ announcements


Dapol has announced a new model of the 10ton banana van for ‘O’ gauge together with a new batch of 10ft wheelbase wagons and vans and new versions of the LMS ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0T.

The new banana van is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019 and uses the standard BR 10ft wheelbase chassis which has been developed by Dapol for its popular series of 12ton vans and open wagons. It will be released in BR bauxite with a choice of GEEST of FYFFES logos and priced at £49.95 per wagon. Two running numbers will be available for each livery – Cat Nos. 7F-016-001/2 (GEEST) and 7F-016-003/4 (FYFFES). Its specification includes turned metal wheels, compensated chassis, metal sprung buffers and three-link couplings.

Joining the banana van in the new batch of wagons is another version of the BR open High-Bar wagon in BR bauxite (7F-053-009), a BR planked 12ton vent van in bauxite as (7F-056-011), a BR plywood bodied 12ton vent van in bauxite (7F-056-012) and a BR insulated van in white (7F-057-004). The High-Bar is priced at £45 with the vent vans costing £49.95 each.

A new batch of seven LMS Fowler ‘Jinty’ 0-6-0Ts have also been confirmed by Dapol covering an industrial version as NCB 19 (7S-026-008), 47569 in British Railways black (7S-026-009), 47406 in BR black with early crests (7S-026-010), an unnumbered ‘Jinty’ in BR black with early crests (7S-026-010U), 47482 in BR black with late crests (7S-026-011), 47680 in BR black with late crests (7S-026-012) plus an unnumbered version in BR black with late crests (7S-026-012U).

All are available either DCC ready, DCC fitted or DCC sound fitted – the latter only available direct from Dapol. Prices start at £225 for DCC ready models rising to £355.60 for the sound equipped version. Release is expected in the first quarter of 2020.

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