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On Monday we made the trip to London for the annual Bachmann catalogue launch – which you can read about on the News pages of our website and also in more detail in HM141, March 2019, on sale from February 7 2019. As always we travelled by rail from Peterborough to London King’s Cross. Our outward journey was onboard one of the MTU engined HST sets – I always try my best to work out which diagrams they are on – while we were hoping for the same on our return in the afternoon too.

Unfortunately we didn’t have HST transport for both journeys, but on our arrival at King’s Cross we were excited to have our first real look at one of the East Coast Main Line Class 800/1 nine-car sets. 800103 had arrived at King’s Cross on a test run and stood either side were an HST set with power cars 43277 at the south end and 43272 at the north. To make matters even better, on the left in Platform 2 was our train – the York stopper – headed up by Class 91 91119 Bounds Green in its recently reapplied Intercity colours. Another HST set headed by 43206 stood alongside in Platform 1 giving rise to some great photographic opportunities which you see here. Enjoy!

Three generations of East Coast Main Line traction line up across King’s Cross station. From the left are 43206, 91119 Bounds Green, 800103 and 43272.

The new LNER livery has been applied to 800103, as per Hornby’s new 2019 range model of the unit.

A the buffer stops on January 14, 800103 stands alongside 43277 inside King’s Cross station’s impressive overall roof.

Clas 91 91119 Bounds Green displays its recently applied Intercity colours which have already weathered with milage on the East Coast Main Line. It was at the head of 3.06pm from King’s Cross on January 14 2019.

91119 Bounds Green awaits departure time on January 14 at King’s Cross as an HST set departs for the north.

I hope you enjoyed this latest post and if you have anything you would like to comment on, drop us a line to And if you are wondering why I’ve titled it 11 minutes at King’s Cross, its because that’s all the time we had before our train home departed!

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