New 2019 products from Train-Tech


Train-Tech launched its new 2019 products on October 13/14 at the Great Electric Train Show in Milton Keynes.

Spearheading the new announcements is Smart Screen (Cat No. SD1), a self-contained working animated screen for ‘OO’, mimicking electronic destination display boards seen on station platforms and on some modern multiple units. Displays can be customised to suit your requirements, with messages also capable of scrolling across the screen too, such as station calling points.

Suitable for use with analogue (DC) or digital (DCC) operation, the OLED screen measures 31mm x 9.5mm and has been designed to be platform mounted or fitted within a suitable ‘OO’ gauge model. It can display different messages according to the direction of travel, using an in-built digital decoder and can also be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s Track Sensor system.

Also launched during the weekend is Train-Tech’s new Sound Track sound recorder. This hand-held device has been designed so that you can record your own audio and play it back on the layout. It features four different sound tracks, which can be played back instantly by pressing one of the four buttons on the device, or it can be triggered using a digital command or in conjunction with Train-Tech’s Track Sensor system.

The portable sound recorder features an in-built microphone, loudspeaker, volume control, storage for four audio files up to 35 seconds each, a lock feature and more. Measuring 111mm x 57mm x 30mm, it can be powered from DC or DCC inputs, as well as a 9volt internal battery.

Prices for the Smart Screen are set at £50, with a twin-pack (SD2) also available, priced £90. Compatible 3D-printed screen enclosures are priced at £10. The Sound Track sound recorder is priced at £69.

Visit www.train-tech.comto find out more on these and Train-Tech’s new 2019 range.

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