Dapol announce revised Class 08 for ‘O’ gauge


The Class 08 is set for a second-coming in ‘O’ gauge as Dapol has revealed that it will be releasing a new version to model the English Electric 350hp diesel shunter in later life.

Selected for release are 08717 Inverness in BR blue (Cat No. 7D-008-013), 08795 Swansea in InterCity colours (7D-008-014), 08740 in Railfreight triple grey (7D-008-015), 08891 in Freightliner green (7D-008-016) and 08709 in EWS maroon and gold (7D-008-017). Each locomotive will be available Digital Command Control (DCC) ready and DCC sound fitted as well as each livery being available without numbers.

The new batch of Dapol Class 08s will feature aluminium cab doors, short hinges on the access panels, new exhauster boxes and a revised lighting configuration. In addition, the specification calls for sprung buffers, die-cast running plate, sprung metal couplings, DCC ready with a 21-pin decoder socket, cast and profiled wheels and a five pole motor designed for the slow speed running.

Prices start at £225 for DCC ready versions rising to £400 for DCC sound fitted Class 08s. Delivery is expected in late 2018.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.

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