Animated water tower for ‘OO’

Photo: Dapol is releasing a ready made GWR water tower for 'OO' in 2017 complete with sound and movement.


Dapol has revealed that it will be releasing an animated ‘OO’ scale water tower with proposed availability in the first quarter of 2017.

The water tower will be based on a Great Western Railway design with options for conical and flat top versions as well as static and animated models.

The motorised version will feature a moving fill pipe which rotates 90 degrees with sound effects. In addition a number of sound features have been built in to this version including normal filling and over filling plus speech from the locomotive crews.

Prices are set at £25 for static versions and £50 for motorised models and the latter will be Digital Command Control compatible. The specification includes a flexible delivery pipe, etched detail parts, water valve and positing chains, drain grill, a tether post and a frost prevention heater.

Watch the first sample in action here and visit for more information.

Normal fill


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