Peco announce new bullhead track for ‘OO’


Peco has announced that it will introduce new code 75 bullhead flexible track for ‘OO’ gauge with increased and more accurate sleeper spacing. The news came at the Nurnberg Toyfair in Germany where the manufacturer took the opportunity to announce several new products for 2016.

The bullhead track (Cat No. SL-108F) is a highlight and initially it will be available as yard lengths of flexible track. In its announcement Peco stated that if there was sufficient interest it would consider producing points in the same style. The new bullhead rail is compatible with existing code 75 track products from Peco with flat bottom rail.

Also announced by Peco is a turntable motorising kit (PL-55) for the Peco Lectrics range together with palisade fencing for ‘OO’ for the Wills range and a Nissen hut for Ratio. In narrow gauge three new ‘OO9’ ready-to-run vehicles are planned covering a fourth Lynton and Barnstaple Railway bogie carriage, a generic slate wagon and a side tipping skip.

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